About me

I enjoy exploring with my camera. Taking time to set up shots and wait for the perfect light is not my thing. If a shot presents itself when I walk by, perfect.

I use a Canon Rebel T5 with a standard kit lens or a 100-400mm lens. This was a gift camera (Thanks Bill!) that just seems to work well for me. I also use a Canon M50. I keep this set up for landscape, skies or close shots and I keep the Rebel set up for longer telephoto stuff. A few of these are from an old Sony Point-and-Shoot.

Most of my shots are from outside of Boston, but some are from California, Arizona, Missouri, Maine, New Jersey, Virginia and Ohio. I am semi-retired and plan to travel the US more by car with my gear.

My pictures are free for anyone to use. My joy is finding the shot and not messing it up badly. I also like seeing them used.

All images on this site are Public Domain. Enjoy!

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